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MGS December Update 2021 - MGS Precision

MGS December Update 2021

12 December 2021

Tungsten Machining Projects

The science of tokamaks offer energy solutions of the future. A tokamak is a machine that confines a plasma using magnetic fields in a donut shape that are known in the scientific field as a torus. Fusion energy expert scientists believe that tokamaks are the leading plasma confinement concept for future fusion power plants. In a tokamak, magnetic field coils confine plasma particles to allow the plasma to achieve the conditions necessary for fusion. A set of magnetic coils generates a concentrated “toroidal” field, directed the furthest way around the torus. A solenoid creates a second magnetic field directed along the poloidal direction, the short way around the torus. The two field components result in a twisted magnetic field that confines the particles in the plasma. A third set of field coils generates an outer poloidal field that shapes and positions the plasma. MGS works with the scientific community around the world, supplying Tungsten alloy and pure Tungsten for many applications where Tungsten’s amazing properties can be used to control extreme heat environments.

The properties of Tungsten: Just a quick reminder why Tungsten, and its alloys are incredibly useful in the scientific and motorsports environment. Tungsten has the highest melting point of any metal at 3,422 degrees centigrade (3695 Kelvin), and the lowest thermal expansion. Combined with a very high density, ranging from pure Tungsten at 19.3g/cm3, to a 90% Tungsten alloy at 17.2g/cm3. For added good measure a very high mechanical stiffness and a very low vapour pressure. On the downside it is rather pricey at approximately £35,000 per metric tonne, c.f. Iron (Fe) at £85 per metric tonne, but happily cheaper than Gold (Au) at £43,000,000 per metric tonne!


Formula 1 – Abu Dhabi

Last race, last lap………Max Verstappen wins his first championship and denies Lewis Hamilton his 8th on the last lap at the final race in Abu Dhabi. Drama and controversy doesn’t really fully express what happened today, and there will be much analysis of rules, teamwork and race management in the coming days and weeks. Up until history subsides and everyone starts looking at 2022 in 97 days time, starting at Bahrain on 20th March 2022. For MGS the 2021 season has long been a spectator sport, and the action and activity with Tungsten alloy components has already started in earnest for 2022. Turnaround times are of the essence, and MGS work with many of the teams, delivering high tolerances parts in a matter of days.

Please call Justin or Ellen with your requirements or if you would like anymore information by phone on +441785 334278, or email sales@mgsprecision.co.uk