DENSAMET Tungsten alloys satisfy the most demanding requirements of many manufacturing industries. They are distinguished by their high density and radiation energy absorption capability, excellent mechanical properties and machinabilty.
DENSAMET composite alloys are sintered heavy metals with a high Tungsten content (+90%) and a range of either NiFe or NiCu binder phases. Our alloys conform to AMS 7725D and ASTM B777-07 standards.
MGS Precision have been developing and optimising DENSAMET for a number of years and continue to deliver manufacturing excellence and support for a wide range of demanding applications in aerospace, scientific radiation shielding, medical engineering, motor sport and vibration damping.

We are certified to international ISO9001 and AS9100 quality standards, and in addition have accreditation to major OEM Aerospace and Nuclear prime contractors and specifiers.
Our facility occupies over 7000m2 dedicated to in house integrated powder metallurgy production from the highest quality raw materials in which alloy blends are tested and certified in our own metallurgical laboratories to ensure traceability.