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MGS Aviation

Fixed wing and rotary aviation parts, mainly from Tungsten alloys

Flutter Weights

We offer a total precision engineering solution for the Aerospace sector. Fixed wing aircraft control surface flutter is a term used to describe oscillations generated by control inputs to ailerons and rudders typically, which can if uncorrected, cause structural damage and significant aircraft handling problems. The preferred solution for many aircraft manufacturers is MGS Precision Densamet control surface mass balancing.


Helicopter Balance weights

The primary source of harmful vibration in helicopters and rotorcraft is the rotors themselves, both dynamic balance of the hubs and static balancing of blades and propellers. Minimising the effects of vibration is a constant requirement of all rotorcraft, necessitating the use of smaller and harder wearing balance weights.

Densamet Tungsten is used extensively by some of Europe’s largest aircraft and helicopter manufacturers, who recognize the need for superior quality and on-time delivery.

Hard Metals

MGS Precision’s machining expertise extends beyond Tungsten alloy and includes exotic and hard metals machining such as Titanium, Inconel and Molybdenum among others.


Aerostructure Components

MGS Precision’s capability in hard metals machining is reflected in the manufacture of Titanium and specialist steel aero structures components for commercial airliners.